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Choosing the perfect table for a beautiful home


A home is an absolute reflection of the people living in it, and furniture is an integral part of our warm home. Furniture makes our lives comfortable. It not only is a symbol of status but also an essential part of our life right from storing items to taking rest. Every person thus, tends to buy furniture for their home to make their life more comfortable. The need for buying furniture arises whenever there is change of place or there is new need for that type of furniture (say, when a new baby arrives, there is a need for buying a crib) or simply for comfort.
Table is an important piece of furniture that decorates the living room and the dining room. There are different types and variations of table. It is grouped mainly based on the table top (considering its colour, texture, size and shape). Tables can also be grouped based on their usage.
Choosing the table
Dining Table: This is a very essential piece of furniture. A dining table is usually selected based on its flexibility and shape. Also, a dining table should be sturdy and at the same time comfortable. Here are some tips for choosing a dining table.

  1. Material: It is always a best option to go for hard wood while selecting a wooden dining table. Composite wood is compressed wood that is not strong and is not a suitable material for dining table. If the option is go modern and select a different material, then galvanized metal and marble are a better choice.
  2. Size: Whether you are going to place your dining table in the middle of the kitchen or in the dining room, it is really important to measure the room. The measurement will help to find a suitable table that fits right.
  3. Shape: Make a choice on the shape of the table. While oval and square tables work well for smaller and narrow rooms, Round and rectangular tables occupy more space (but they accommodate more people). Foldable tables can be selected where you have smaller space but want to accommodate more number of people.
  4. When selecting tables for outdoors, the best choice is to buy teak. If not, then powder coated steel material can be chosen.

Dressing Table: Everyone wants to get dressed and look good. A dressing table is every woman’s need. While selecting a dressing table, make sure to match your selection with the aesthetics of the room.

  1. Structure: The structure of the dressing table should be such that it should be below the attached mirror. It is always better to have a place in between to sit.
  2. Storage: If there is a lot of space in the room, then dressing tables with drawers to store all the dressing accessories are preferable. But if the budget is low, then a simple one is better off.
  3. Colour: If the decor in the house is changed often, then selecting neutral colours is better. But for giving a feminine touch, pastel shades are always preferred.

Coffee Table: There are many types of tables that serve as coffee tables. Listed below are a few types of tables and selection of these tables is purely based on the taste of the buyer.

  1. Tripod tables:It usually has a round top and three legs. This type of table is multipurpose and is also foldable for easy storage.
  2. Pembroke tables: The shape of this table is either round or rectangle. The special feature is that it has many drawers on its sides. This is also a multipurpose table for serving tea, for writing and also for storage purpose.
  3. Sofa tables: Sofa tables are usually narrow and are placed in front of the sofa or behind the sofa. Though these tables are mainly used to display lamps and decorative items, they can also be used to serve coffee or tea.

Study Table:Study tables are mainly chosen based on the function and features. Here are some tips to choose the study tables for detail please visit .

  1. Size: children grow day by day and the study table should be big enough for the child to handle his work. Spacious study tables with lots of storage are usually preferred. This is to accommodate the papers, books, computers and art supplies.
  2. Functionality: If the study table is used to mount a computer, then there should be options t accommodate its equipment. If the table is mainly used for art work, then the workspace should be slightly slanting, etc. Hence, a study table is to be mainly selected based on the desired functionality.
  3. Material: A laminated study table is usually preferred over other types as it is waterproof. But if the preference goes to a wooden table, then proper care needs to be taken to protect the surface of the table.

Taking Care of the Tables
Tables can be selected according to the choice and needs of the individual. But proper care needs to be taken for protecting the table. Below are few tips for taking care of your table tops.


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