Adverse Health Effects of Dirty Carpets

Using carpets and rugs for your home brings many wonderful benefits. Carpets are excellent insulators, good in muffling noise, comfortable on your foot, and they can be a safer surface to walk on for kids and elderly alike.

But even though there are many advantages to using carpets on your floors at home, some people avoid using carpets. This is because of the claims of numerous people that there are many negative health effects to having carpeted floors. However, these claims are only true if you don’t take good care of your carpet.

Taking good care of your carpet means keep it well-maintained and dirt-free. Most of the time, it’s not the actual carpet that causes adverse health effects, but the undesirable particles trapped in it.

Probably the number one health risk of having a dirty carpet in your home is getting an allergic reaction. If large amounts of dust and dirt has already built up in the carpet fibers, these air contaminants can easily be inhaled by anyone inside your home.

Apart from the dust and dirt, another trigger for an allergic reaction is mold. Mold may be present in your carpet if your carpet has been previously exposed to moisture or water and was not completely and properly dried.

In extreme cases, carpets that weren’t cleaned for a long time can trigger asthma attacks. Asthma attacks can be triggered by poor air quality brought about by millions of dust particulates in your indoor air.

Many health hazards blamed on carpets aren’t really directly caused by carpets, but, on some occasions, it can be possible for an illness to be acquired because of the carpet itself – regardless if the carpet is clean or dirty. Some people have suffered skin allergies after being in contact with carpets made from extremely cheap materials.