Cleaning Your Shag Carpets

Shag carpets are extremely attractive for many people, and it is easy to see why: shag carpets bring about a feeling of inviting warmth, undeniably comfort, and noticeable sophistication.

Shag carpets are known for their rich, high pile. They are ideal for living rooms or areas where you want to enjoy the next level of warmth and comfort. These plush carpets are also ideal for surfaces where toddlers always walk around because the carpet’s high piles can cushion the kid’s every step.

But, unlike low pile carpets, shag carpets can be a lot more demanding when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Because of its high piles, dirt, grime, and other particles can easily get trapped deep within the fibers of shag carpets.

Since shag carpets have the tendency to hold a lot more dirt than low pile carpets, they call for a more thorough and more frequent vacuuming; especially if your carpet receive a lot of foot traffic from kids and even pets at home.

Numerous people beat their shag carpets outside their homes to remove any loose dirt within its fibers. To be able to do this, you only need a decent place where you can hang your carpet, like a railing inside your property, and a long, sturdy item to beat the carpet.

Also, shag carpets can be super absorbent so any case of spills on it should be taken care of immediately.

As these plush carpets are vulnerable to moisture, it will take a long time for them to dry. So, dry carpet shampooing or encapsulation carpet cleaning is better that the traditional carpet shampooing if you want to go for a deeper clean.

Even though steam carpet cleaning is another effective way to clean shag carpets, doing this cleaning method by yourself may just result in the carpet not being thoroughly dried after cleaning. It will still be better to hire a professional to clean your shag carpet once or twice a year to prevent mold buildup.

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