Getting Rid of Mud Stains on Your Carpet

Living with a pet can be really wonderful. Our furry friends can make us, pet lovers, happy with their mere presence.

But, keeping a pet indoors has its drawbacks, too: you have to put up with the occasional pet urine and accidents, you have to get used to your pets unintentionally damaging some of your belongings.

If you own a pet that lives with you indoors and you have carpets on your floors, having muddy paw prints on your carpets might not be new to you. Unlike people, it’s harder to train pets to wipe or wash their paws before getting inside your home and running around on your carpets.

As much as we love our pets, we have to admit that mud stains can be very, very ugly to look at – especially on your immaculate, fresh, white carpet. Therefore, as soon as we see mud prints, we have to have them removed the soonest possible time.

Unlike other types of stains such as drink spills, when you get mud stains on your carpet, you have to leave it to dry. Trying to remove wet mud prints might only lead to a much dirtier carpet.

Once the mud dries, it will turn into a more solid form – soil. Soil is easier to remove than mud due to its composition. The first step in removing the soil from your carpet is to vacuum it. In using your vacuum, you have to take your time. Let the vacuum do its work effectively and get as much dirt from the fibers as possible.

After thoroughly vacuuming the affected area, grab a mixture of water and white vinegar and, using a white cloth, apply it on the remaining dirt. Blot the stain and don’t rub it. In blotting the remaining mud stain, try to absorb as much moisture as you can from the carpet.

If, after blotting the stain, there are still some of it left, use a mild laundry detergent mixed with water and use it to remove the mud. Just as with the water and vinegar mixture, blot the stain and remove moisture. The mud stain should come off after careful and exhaustive blotting.

In some cases, mud stains can be so severe that do-it-yourself cleaning wouldn’t be enough. For these scenarios, it’s best to call professional carpet cleaners to remove the mud stains for good.